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Anthracite suppliers of gas, flaming and steam coal.                        

                                                                     Welcome to the National Trading Company (NTC).   
   We first entered the market of fuel energy in Ukraine in 2005, and since then, more than 10 years we successfully developing, expanding  and creating its new branches  throughout the country. Our main feature is the presence of our own mines and coal mining, so this is the way our company can control its production at all stages. Here you can buy anthracite, flaming coal, fuel briquettes in the best quality and at the most affordable price.


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So if you are looking for where to buy fuel, you can always count on our services.

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 Our direction is produce of fuel, steam coal and briquettes for sale. So what is hard coal energy? Types and marks of anthracite. 

Selection of fuel for the production process
The minerals requirement exists in various industries. Properties and quality characteristics of this product vary widely. This happens even if the carbon has the same marking. The fact is that the characteristics of the fossil depend on the place of its extraction. That is why every company should be acquainted with its physical characteristics, choosing fuel for its production.

Coal is distinguished by the following properties:
This is one of the most important characteristics, which ranges from 1.28 to 1.53 grams per ccm.
Calorific value of char increases with increasing hardness.
Carbon content.
This indicator is between 75 and 97 percent. Its capacity for impurities remains less with a larger content of carbon in the fuel. This allows you to get the maximum quantum of energy during the product combustion.
Mechanical endurance.
This characteristic determines the ability of the fossil to undergo transportation.
This parameter is in the range from 40 kilograms per square centimeter (for brown hard fuel) to 300 (for anthracites).
Sulfur content. 
In char, it can be from 0.5 to 5.4 percent. The value of its magnitude makes it possible to use the fuel more safely. The volatiles yield (2-45%).
Fuel can contain between 4 and 15 percent moisture. This indicator directly determines whether fuel is effective in process of burning. The properties of a moister product are radically different from dry. Such carbon crumbles and undergoes rapid weathering.
Ash content.
This characteristic indicates the amount of noncombustible mixtures that are contained in the fossil. The heat capacity increases with less ash content. Anthracites have the lowest percentage of incombustible mixtures. It is within the ambit of 2%. Ash content within the limits of 30% acceptable for heating. 45% is the highest value of this characteristic.
Calorific value.
This indicator is in the range from 6500 to 8600 kcal / kg. It characterizes the feck of heat that is generated when one kilogram of fuel is burned.
Different carbon stone can be purchased depending on the purpose of use. The properties of the fuel become clear at the same time, based on the degree of enrichment.
Such degrees are allocated
1. Concentrates. Such fuel is used to produce electricity and heat.
2. Industrial products. They are used in metallurgy.
3. Duff. This is a fine fraction of charcoal (up to six millimeters), as well as dust result from the crushing of the rock. Briquettes are formed by using a duff, which have good operational properties for household solid fuel boilers.
Carbonation degree
There is a differentiation in this indicator:
1. Lignite.
Its properties are somewhat worse. It produces a low heat during combustion and crumbles during transportation. In addition, it has a tendency to burn itself.
2. Hard coal.
This type of fuel has a large number of varieties (marks), with different properties. It is widely used in power engineering and metallurgy, Housing and Public Utilities and in the chemical industry.
3. Anthracites.
It is the most qualitative type of hard fuel. The properties of all these forms of mineral are significantly different from each other. So, lignite is characterized by the lowest heat of combustion, and anthracites with the highest.
Size classification
It is important to know the size of char when choosing it. This indicator is encrypted in the mineral mark. So, the factions are divided:
- "P" - plate, which is a large piece of more than 10 cm 
- "F" - fist, which size is from 5 to 10 cm.
- "N" is a nut, it is also quite large, with sizes of fragments from 2.5 to 5 cm.
- "F" - fine, with small pieces of 1.3-2.5 cm.
- "S" - a seed - a cheap fraction for prolonged decay with dimensions of 0.6-1.3 cm.
- "D" - a duff, it is ebmer dust, intended for briquetting.
Properties of Anthracite
This fuel is higher quality. It is a rock that has a black color and a matte, semi-matt or glossy surface. Only five to six percent of moisture is contained in this type of fuel, because of what it has a high calorific value. Anthracite provides 3.5 times more heat compared to oak, alder and birch firewood. The only downside of this type of fuel is its large ash content.
If it`s long term use, it must be placed in a special shed or bunker. There, it must be protected from precipitation and direct sunlight. If the heaps of ember are large, then it is necessary to constantly monitor their condition during storage.

Buy coal online with NTC:

Buy Seed coal

is a type of fuel for sale actively used in the field of home heating furnaces and boilers.
The size of the fraction is 6-13 mm after sieving. Dry enrichment. Its ash content is an important indicator. After dry enrichment the ash content in the SC does not exceed 6-8%. We can adjust the ash index when enriching the SC. The moisture content of S does not exceed the norm and is within the range of 4-6%. Sulfur is at the level of 1%. Volatiles do not exceed 3,5- 4% according to the technical analysis.
 Affordable price and the ability to combine with other types of steam seed ember is a feature of this type of anthracite, so that you can get higher heat transfer rates.

Buy Fine coal

smokeless fuel for sale which is distinguished from other types of anthracite by the presence of 95% carbon, which ensures high heat values.
The size of the fraction of anthracite F "fine" is 13-30 mm after enrichment. Such a fraction makes it convenient to transport thermal coal to the destination. Great for industrial boilers. The FC is no more than 6-8% of ash, which is an excellent indicator of ash content for the fraction of FC fraction. The moisture content in the FC is 4-6% after the technical analysis. The indicator of sulfur content in FC is no more than 1%. Volatile of fine fraction is 3,5-4%.
 Fine fraction power is best suited for heating private homes and other premises that need more heat.

Buy Nut coal

black fuel which has gained its popularity due to its characteristics, is one of the most popular types of burning fuel for sale.
Nut char fraction N has a fraction of 25-50 mm, after sieving. The index of ash content of NC fraction N does not exceed 6.2-8% after the technical analysis. There is a technical possibility to regulate the ash index at its enrichment. The moisture index of N does not exceed the norm and is within 5.6-6%. Sulfur of NC is at the level of 1%. The analysis of volatile substances has an index of 3,5-4%
Nut fraction is most often used for heating residential premises, or in sugar refineries, because of its high heat output and an affordable price.

Buy Fist coal

steam char for sale which guarantees high heat transfer and efficiency due to its fraction, it is ideal for use in production.
 The fist fraction is 40-80 mm or 50-100 mm after enrichment. We can regulate the fraction of fist individually for the end customer. Fist  is low ash, ash in the fist does not exceed 6.3-8% 5.6-6% moisture content in the anthracite fraction "fist". Sulfur of F is 1%. The volatile of  anthracite fist fraction does not exceed 4.2%

Buy Duff coal

- a special type of thermal fuel for sale, most often it is used in the production of bricks.
 Enriched duff carbon has a fraction of 0-6, 0-8 mm. It is convenient in transportation in big bags or in tilted vehicles. The indicator of the ash content of DC is up to 15-20%. We can also adjust the ash index when enriching the DC. DC is locating in a covered warehouse, so the moisture of ash remains low at 6-10%. Sulfur of duff  is at the level of 1%.3,5- 4% - is volatile matter content of DC according to technical analysis.

Buy Flaming coal

it is characterized by a high combustion temperature and rapid flammability, so it is ideal for heating industrial plants.
 The technical analysis given below shows that the volatiles in the long-flame angle are much higher than in the anthracite. A high amount of volatile substances allows the FC to quickly ignite. The market price of flaming fuel is lower than the price of anthracite grade T fraction TOMSHS or athracites grade A because of its characteristics, namely, lower heat of combustion. And accordingly, because of the ratio of price and quality, FC has found wide application in the industrial and industrial sectors, it is also good for boiler rooms and for furnaces. The fractional composition of gas fuel grade D is from 50 to 150 mm. The indicator of gas fuel moisture D - from 4% to 6%. Sulfur of FC is1%  more precisely its maximum value is not higher than 0.5%. Volatile substances up to 43%. The indicator "Q" or heat of combustion is 5000-5300 Kcal

Buy Fuel briquettes

- bio fuel for sale species, which is considered the most accessible and environmentally friendly way of heating.
 Briquettes are essentially a portion of explosive material that is frequently used in igniting and maintaining a fire, either in a boiler, grill or in an unwrap gap such as fire pit. The size of the briquette is determined by how it will be used. The superior the briquettes are more frequently used in manufacturing environment and smaller versions are frequently used in fireplaces and outdoor food grilling purposes.
 The preponderance of biomass briquettes are made from rice and sunflower husks,sawdust or parallel wood waste products. Our fabricating process normally involves compressing the sawdust and forcing it into a machine that heats it and extrudes briquettes shaped like small fireplace logs.Biomass Briquette is commonly used as a substitute for hard fuel or oil to heat manufacturing plant boilers. It is regularly chosen in excess of other fuel sources since its use does not discharge any destructive fossil fuels into the surroundings. An additional explanation to use biomass briquettes for boiler fuel is that they apparently are 30% to 40% cheaper to burn than oil or steam anthracite.
   Main advantages of fuel briquettes
- Increased (4-6 hours) burning time compared to a conventional char and wood;
- absence of impurities, minimum ash content;
- do not crush and whirl dust during transportation;
- convenient packaging and size are the advantage when stored in cramped conditions, stores, restaurants, cafes, etc.
- heating value is on a par with the natural gas.



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