National Trading Company

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NTC - warm in the cold.
Biofuel from wood.

Biofuel in Ukraine

NTC -Heat in your home.
Wood pellets.

Fuel Pellets

NTC - warmth and comfort.
Wooden briquettes.

Fuel briquettes

NTC is warm with us.
Coal of all brands.

Coal Anthracite

NTC - we are warm.
Sunflower pellets.

Fuel pellets


Fuel products from the manufacturer's plant

The company is developing dynamically and is engaged in the production and sale of fuel pellets and briquettes from wood and sunflower husk, both for the domestic market of Ukraine and for the countries of the European Community during recent years.
The company is a full-cycle company. Taking into account the experience of Western countries, the company is constantly improving its production facilities and realizes a sufficiently wide range of products. In its work, the company uses only verified suppliers, and compliance with standards guarantees the quality and safety of the final product.
Product quality indicators fully comply with all international DIN PLUS/EN PLUS A1 (A2) standards.